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'X-Men Origins: Emma Frost' Comic

In CBR X-Position: X-Editors, Marvel mentions the release a one-shot titled "X-Men Origins: Emma Frost." Her siblings will also appear in the one-shot, according to Nick Lowe.

Feb. 11 2010

CBR's X-Position: Nick Lowe

CBR interviewed Nick Lowe, and he answered fans' questions about the X-Men. Meanwhile, a preview cover of "Dark X-Men: The Beginning" was added to the interview. Can you clear up the ...

April 15 2009

CBR: X-Position X-Editors

CBR interviews the current X-Men editors. A fan asks a question about Emma and Scott's "dirty little secrets." It seems that both Cyclops and Emma have dirty little secrets that could destroy the X-Men from within. In your opinion, which secret is the most damaging to the team and its ...

Feb. 7 2009