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Marvel.com: TGIF Holiday Shopping

What would Marvel writers give as holiday gifts to the characters? Mike Carey would buy Emma a "warm wooly vest." MIKE CAREY (writer of X-MEN: LEGACY): A Beatles wig for Professor X, a bottle of Southern Comfort for Rogue, a stress ball for Cyclops, a warm wooly vest for ...

Dec. 19 2008

CBR: Carey on X-Men Legacy

CBR interviewed Mike Carey on X-Men: Legacy. Emma is mentioned within the interview. “I think in a way this is a turning point in Charles’s attempt to understand his own past motivations and actions in ‘Legacy,’ which is basically what the book has been about. To some extent he’s ...

Dec. 12 2008

Marvel.com: Hellfire & Brimstone

Mike Carey, current writer of X-Men: Legacy, looks back on the classic history of the Hellfire Club. He is asked which HFC (Hellfire Club) lineup is his favorite: "If I'm honest, the original line-up—the triumvirate of Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland and Donald Pierce, with Mastermind and Emma Frost on the ...

Nov. 11 2008