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Has Emma taken a backseat since Utopia?

According to Kieron Gillen, no. She is still second-in-command next to Cyclops, even though he agrees her position of power is dependent on him.

April 25 2011 |

Kieron Gillen talks Uncanny X-Men

CBR interviewed Kieron Gillen, the new writer of the Uncanny X-Men. He answered some questions about Emma Frost. There's an unlettered preview page of Sebastian and Emma from the next Uncanny X-Men issue as well. <img src="https://media.emmafrostfiles.com/images/1297804911-197x300.jpg" alt="Uncanny X-Men #534" title="From the pages of Uncanny X-Men #534" ...

Feb. 16 2011 |

Gillen joins Fraction, plus 'X-Men' #4 Preview

Kieron Gillen (Thor, Generation Hope) will join "Uncanny X-Men" writer, Matt Fraction, starting with issue #531. In other news, check out the unlettered preview of "X-Men" #4.

Sept. 22 2010 |