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Brubaker and Fraction Love Emma

The two current writers from X-Men's Uncanny X-Men flagship title enjoy writing Emma Frost! Marvel.com posted a podcast of Brubaker and Fraction on Uncanny X-Men 500. Which of your X-Men characters do you love writing the most (either good guys or bad guys)? Brubaker: You know I've really come ...

Aug. 4 2008

X-Men: Manifest Destiny News

At 2008's Heroes Con, a panel called X-Men: Manifest Destiny was discussed by Nick Lowe, Ed Brubaker, and Matt Fraction. Emma Frost will appear in this 'X-Men: Manifest Destiny.' She was also noted to have major parts in the future of X-Men comics. At Heroes Con 2008, Emma ...

July 11 2008