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Emma Frost in Chris G's Mini Marvel

I've wanted to see Emma Frost as a Mini Marvel for so long. And so, here it is, written and drawn by Chris G: <img src="https://media.emmafrostfiles.com/images/mini_marvel_emma_dark_reign-300x192.jpg" alt="Drawn by Chris G. Emma Frost as a Mini Marvel." ...

April 15 2009

Emma mentioned in MTV Movie Blog

Emma is certainly getting her exposure from her appearance in the Wolverine movie. MTV.com's Splash Page (splashpage.mtv.com asks readers what they think about the ladies in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." ...

March 23 2009

An Alernate World War Hulk

Tom Brevoort, Marvel's Executive Editor, posted an entry of what could have been World War Hulk. Some parts of the draft went through the final storyline of World War Hulk, however, some parts didn't. Had the original draft gone through, Emma would have made an appearance in Incredible Hulk #107. ...

Aug. 5 2008