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IGN Tracks Emma Frost in Dark Reign's Last Days

IGN writes a new feature that highlights several key characters in the final days of Dark Reign. They write their own predictions about Emma's future and also interview Matt Fraction and Brian Michael Bendis.

Nov. 7 2009

Secret Invasion #8 Director's Commentary

And, yet another interview. Wizarduniverse.com interviewed Brian Bendis as he provided commentary for Secret Invasion #8. Bendis tells Emma fans to not worry. As you mentioned, we see quite the conglomerate gathered here. Dr. Doom. There's Emma. There's Namor. There's a female Loki, who I guess we'll ...

Dec. 6 2008

IGN.com: Bendis Interviewed

IGN.com interviewed Bendis regarding the conclusion of Secret Invasion. Apparently, Emma replaced Magneto in the secret cabal of Dark Reign. IGN Comics: Speaking of the evolution of the event, were there any major tweaks to the storyline along the way? I know sometimes you can't reveal some ...

Dec. 6 2008