Emma Frost Trivia

Over the years, the minds of three different X-Men found themselves trapped in the body of the White Queen - Storm, Jean Grey, and Iceman.
Storm: Uncanny X-Men #151 - #152
Jean Grey: Uncanny X-Men #281 - #284
Iceman: Uncanny X-Men #311 - #314
Source: Fury's Files (found in the back of Uncanny X-Men #492).

Christian Frost probably inspired Emma to wear the color white because it was "definitely" her color.
Source: Emma Frost #1. Click image for full size:

Emma Frost attended the Empire State University (ESU). Notable superheros and villains such as Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Captain America also attended this university. Basically, it's the central university for the Marvel Universe.
Source: Empire State University

Believe it or not, Emma Frost's natural hair color is actually brown!
Source: New X-Men #139 (First Series)

While Emma Frost is transformed into her organic diamond form, telepathy is completely blocked from her, including telepathic attacks.
Source: New X-Men Annual 2001

Not surprisingly, Emma Frost is a bad cook. She once substituted "one ripe tomato" for Heinz's Ketchup.
Source: Generation X #19. Click image for full size:

Emma Frost murdered her sister Adrienne with a gun after she killed some Generation X students.
Source: Generation X #70

Emma Frost was played by three different actresses: Finola Hughes (Generation X), Tahyna Tozzi (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and January Jones (X-Men: First Class). Sigourney Weaver was considered to play Emma in "X-Men: The Last Stand," and Alice Eve was set to play the character in "X-Men: First Class," but she dropped the project.
Source: iMDB

The "X-Men: The Last Stand" novel by Chris Claremont explains the Stepford Cuckoos' past, who made cameos in the movie. They came from the expensive Massachusetts Academy whose headmistress wears all white - an obvious Emma Frost mention!
X-Men: The Last Stand novel
Source: "X-Men: The Last Stand" book at Amazon.com