Without a doubt, Emma was one of my favorite characters to draw all-time because I remembered her from the old x-men comic books I used to love as a kid!

Greg Horn, greghornjudge.com

Maybe you're just Jean Grey, gone insane. Or maybe you're the Phoenix. Obeying cosmic laws we'll never understand. All I know for sure is that when you come back...you're going to have to deal with me.

Emma Frost, Phoenix Warsong #5

I love the juxtaposition between the voice speaking to Emma and the romantic shot of Kitty and Peter on the lawn. I intentionally tried to tie that shot into the last shot from #4 to sort of tie things together

John Cassaday, Wizard #159

There are several factors to it: 1) Awesome writers loved her. When you have Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon really pushing you as a character, chances are youre going to stick. 2) Shes such a power-house character from X-Men past. She was hugely important as a villain and as a hero in the past. 3) Shes a strong woman and theres a history of those in X-Men. 4) Shes a perfect foil for Scott. Shes a grey to his black and white. She pushes him and challenges him. 5) You never know 100% if you can trust her, and thats just so interesting.

Nick Lowe, CBR's X-Position 13

[On Astonishing X-Men #12] Emma and the voice? With whom is she speaking? What has she got planned? And what the hell? Is she good? Whats going on there? Let me tell you, Im really excited about where Im going with Emma, and I think itll fit very nicely with everything thats gone before and upset a few things but in a way to make fans say, He doesnt give a shit. Im very fascinated with her arc and I think I can bring something to it that will change peoples perception without them thinking I wasnt paying attention. Its going to be exciting and its not going to be pretty. But she will be pretty.

oss Whedon, Wizard #159

I like Emma because its always fun to write a really bitchy character.

Mike Carey, comicsbulletin.com interview

[on the new generation of X-Men] Our kids were built by Emma and Cyclops, not Xavier. I think theyd have a tough time listening to words of peace and control when theyve had to fight so hard just to survive. I hope they dont listen to him [Professor X]; I think theyre better off without him.

Craig Kyle, CBR's X-Position 31

Superpowers, a scintillating wit, and the best body money can buy...and I still rate below a corpse.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #1

Yes, our own little poster child. Isn't it sweet? 'The nonthreatening 'Shadowcat', or 'Sprite', or 'Ariel' or whatever incredibly unimpressive name you're using nowadays.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #1

You feel no pain. You will go straight to a hospital. Remember nothing of this place. And every time you hear the words 'parsley', 'intractable', or 'longitude', you will vomit uncontrollably for forty-eight hours.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #5

This man, this extraordinary, ordinary man is in love. With me.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #21

Why I find such patently idiotic chivalry a turn-on is truly a mystery to me. But you, Danger, you're an open blackberry. You never got over your parent programming. If it's any consolation, no one ever does.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #22

You're so unpleasant even I'm impressed. Do you visit orphanages to explain there's no Santa?

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #22

A gold star to the first girl who discovers the awful truth about Tom and Nicole...

Emma Frost, New X-Men #115

I've become the perfect Faberge killing machine for a reason... and that reason is surely not to wave the flag of X-liberalism.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #116

Breeding, darling. Top class breeding.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #116

On second thought. I've just had an epiphany like St. Paul on the Road to Damascus. Stop the car.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #116

I am very cross about this. Very, very, very cross indeed!

Emma Frost, New X-Men #120

I deserve sympathy for the sins of my sordid past, not scorn. Those were difficult days; I was probably very confused and out of my mind on drink or drugs. It's not always about "good" and "evil", Scott dear.

Emma Frost, New X-Men Annual 2001

I couldn't sleep after the traumas of the day. Tell me more about the world of chastity, Scott...

Emma Frost, New X-Men Annual 2001

Well, that's very civil of you, Jean. Only you would use the word "terrific bunch" to dignify this horde of ghastly illiterates.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #123

...but for now, he is her Dante, she his Beatrice. Think Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde...Tom and bloody Jerry. She'll grow out of it and her diary will be filled with regrets. That's the tragedy behind cupid's twanging, girls.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #123

This will only be the third or so time you've had to bury her. It must be getting rather tedious, Scott dear. These reruns of your grief.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #154

Oh, please. Don't try to blackmail me with genocide. Do you really want to compare notes? Where were the Avengers when Genosha died, Iron Man? Where were you when our babies were burning?

Emma Frost, Civil War #3

You remember Daredevil's old girlfriend? That psychotic Greek assassin with the very faint mustache?

Emma Frost, Wolverine: Enemy of the State

Of course, "darling". I'm a Frost.

Emma Frost, Emma Frost #18

As you say, Shaw!

Emma Frost, Uncanny X-Men #129

I don't want to hurt you, my dear. I want us to be...friends.

Emma Frost, Uncanny X-Men #131

Nothing. You're perfect. Never change.

Emma Frost, Phoenix Warsong #1

Dior, darling. Always Dior.

Emma Frost, Phoenix Endsong #4

Don't gloat, child. It's a sign of poor upbringing.

Emma Frost, Generation X #3

Forgive me. Because I know...I never will.

Emma Frost, Uncanny X-Men #314

The first thing one learns as a Telepath... hopefully... is to respect another person's boundaries. Even I learned that. Eventually.

Emma Frost, Generation X #1

Yes indeed. And you also need a new uniform with some personal expression in it. Some art, some elan [to Armor].

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #25

You stick with Auntie Emma, Hisako. We'll have this planet eating out of your hand in no time at all.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #25

I don't want to start some tedious argument, Ororo. But let's be clear. You miss <em>them</em>. You and I have never seen eye to eye on anything. And I am sick and tired of old team members denouncing me as an evil witch five minutes after they walk in the door, so --

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #25

Oh, for God's sake. Drink your tea and shut up, woman.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #25

Emma: What is there to say? Put her down. Spider-Man: Put her down? What is she, a dog?

Emma Frost and Spider-Man, House of M #1

You must forgive this absolutely appalling cat pee...not my choice, but the bellboy's.

Emma Frost, New X-Men #139

Your pacifist posturing hides a playground bully, Jean Grey!

Emma Frost, New X-Men #139

Shut up, Emma! I promise I won't throw big lightning bolts of psychic electricity at you this time.

ean Grey, New X-Men #139

She looks pretty dead to me...and quite frankly, good riddance. It's going to be hard narrow this down...<em>nobody</em> liked her.

Sage, New X-Men #140

When I was with Emma, it was like <em>flying</em>. I could say any outrageous thing. There was no pressure. She had no expectations. She just <em>accepted</em> everything about me...

Scott Summers, New X-Men #142

You thought you could write the future, didn't you? You thought you had the magic formula. The secret recipe. But the future doesn't have a formula. It's all ad lib. All desperate improvisation in front of a dying audience in a room where the ceiling is about to fall in.

Emma Frost, X-Men: Endangered Species #1

Being an X-Men means a lot to me. But it doesn't always agree with me.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #2

I was thirteen. When I think about evil, whenever I think about the concept of evil, yours is the face that I see.

Kitty Pryde (to Emma), Astonishing X-Men #2

Honestly, since for once you cant actually interrupt, I have to ask: Summers? Really? I know you wanted to cement your standing in the group, but if that geek was sharing my bed, I think Id try not to wake up.

Cassandra Nova (to Emma), Astonishing X-Men #9

I really like Scott Summers and Emma Frost. I dont care if shes not actually British, she should be. Shed be a strict but fair Mum, although itd be hard for her to tell a teenage daughter that theyre not going out dressed like that. And her strength and interest in happiness are actually far better for Scott than Jeans investment in his angst. And she kept on dying and coming back, and what kind of absentee parent is that? Scott and Emma would have great kids.<br/><br/>Actually, can we arrange to have this happen? In the current Marvel universe, I mean? Id write that.

Paul Cornell, Marvel's TGIF: Dream Couples

I've had quite enough of these painful emotions. I have no telepathic powers in diamond form. And no empathy, no compassion, just a cruel sense of humor and a cold, hard heart.

Emma Frost, New X-Men Annual 2001

No, youre Scott Summers. You like homework and vegetables.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #14

Poor puppy, don't you remember? You don't have any claws.

Emma Frost [to Scott], Astonishing X-Men #14

This, children, is Kitty Pryde, who apparently feels the need to make a grand entrance.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #1

And that brings me to Jean Grey, the most gifted psychic I've ever encountered...although I'd never say it to the cow's face.

Emma Frost, Dark Reign: The Cabal #1

'Everybody wants to know about the costume,' [Jones] says. I didnt really know much about her beforehand, but when I did my research, shes a very specifically visually iconic character. <em>Nobody talks about the fact shes got the most bad-ass powers.</em>

January Jones,

(The Danger Room scene) also reminded people very visually of what Emma was talking about that everyone can hate them.

Joss Whedon, Wizard Magazine #129

Everyone just remembers the boobs and the outfit and the hair, but (Emma Frost) is not only telepathic, she turns into a diamond and it takes a lot of people to take her down. So people just need to remember that!

January Jones


Bereavement always fills me with an unforgivable lust, darling.

Emma Frost (to Cyclops), New X-Men #138

Right, right. Base defilement. Jean Grey is a sacred cow. At least we agree on half of that.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #7

You hit me pretty good.

Emma Frost (to Storm), X-treme X-Men #23

You cant have the Hellfire Club without Emma Frost. She is sexy and scary.

Bryan Singer


If the lot of you take much longer, I will publicly strip you of your 'genius' cards.

Emma Frost, Uncanny X-Men Annual #3

Of course I'm a threat. Why? Did you think for a moment I wasn't?

Emma Frost (to Banshee), Generation X #23

Dr. Rao, remind me to get you a dictionary for Christmas.

Emma Frost, X-Men

This is the X-Men, Mystique. Not Alcoholics Anonymous.

Emma Frost, X-Men: Bizarre Love Triangle

Hank is a genius, and terribly good with people. Warren looked like a god. And Xavier picks you? To lead. Why? Because you had nothing else.

Emma Frost, Astonishing X-Men #14

She was Shaw's partner - in terms of the Hellfire Club; they weren't business associates. They might have had a relationship at some time, but the point was that they were equals; maybe he stood a little higher since he was the Black King. But I think the thing with Emma was that the reason she was the White Queen (and he was the Black King) was that to be the Black Queen would imply she was somehow subservient, a little subordinate to him. Her point was, 'I am not subordinate; I am equal. My White King will not be my superior any more than your good guy.'

Chris Claremont, Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #47