How old is Emma Frost?

Emma Frost is about the same age as the original 5 X-Men (27-30ish). In this page, ExodusCloak debunks the myth that she is as old as Professor X, Magneto and Shaw.

Written by ExodusCloak (originally posted on forums. Used and edited with permission.)

Emma Frost's Age

People unfortunately assume that Emma Frost is around the same age as Sebastian Shaw, Professor Charles Francis Xavier and Magneto due to her being portrayed as one of their peers in terms of power and role during her early appearances. For example, she was called an Xavier level telepath in New Mutants. She was White Queen of the Hellfire Club. She ran her own school. She had her own ethos to the Mutant-Human dream, and she was/is a multi-billionaire. All of this was then reiterated during her years in Generation X, etc., so, people thought, obviously, she had to be their age by default.

Even when UXM #151 indirectly stated that she was much younger then Sebastian Shaw people still seem to believe this.

Even when two handbooks Marvel Handbook #8 (July 1986) and The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol. III (Master Edition) (1990) respectively state that she was young.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #8, 1986 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #8, 1986

In recent years we have been given an idea of where Emma stands age wise in terms of the other X-Men. Here's some of the recent evidence:

Emma Frost #6 (2004) by Karl Bollers and Randy Green

This is high school Emma Frost before she left home. According to the scan near the end of this post from Generation X -1, Emma Frost was 15 when she left home. Emma would be 15 or less in this scan. She sees Xavier's mutants on T.V for the first time. This would actually make her younger than the Original 4 (Beast, Jean, Cyclops and Angel) and much closer to Iceman's age.

Emma Frost #6, page 7

New X-Men #138 (2003) by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly

Here's Emma Frost stating that she's 27...she has no reason to lie:

  1. There's no one around.
  2. She's in diamond form, so the Cuckoo's wouldn't be able to hear that telepathically anyway.
  3. There's more proof that supports this.

New X-Men #138, age 27

Deadly Genesis #5 (2006) by Ed Brubaker and Pete Woods

Here, again, Emma is being recruited to join the X-Men 1.5. All the recruits were alluded to be around the same age which is about one year younger than Havok.

X-Men Deadly Genesis #5

Again more proof that she's definitely not Xavier's age:

X-Men Deadly Genesis #5, 06 X-Men Deadly Genesis #5, 07

Generation X Annual 1995 by Jeph Loeb and Mc Manus

There's a theory where people think the meeting between Emma Frost and Dark Beast took place 20 years ago. This scan debunks that theory. It shows that the meeting between Emma Frost and Dark Beast could not have been 20 years ago as that would mean Emma Frost's little sister Cordelia Frost would have been born 4 years after Emma left home. Cordelia Frost is stated to be almost 17 in this scan. Cordelia clearly wasn't born after Emma left home as shown in Gen X and the Emma Frost mini therefore the meeting did not take place 20 years ago.

[gen x annual 1995]

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005

Firstly, we have to establish that Marvel has a sliding timescale. Time slides forward by 10-15 years whereby 15 years ago was the F4's space flight. The X-Men would be a fairly new team in comparison to the F4, so at worst let's say the X-Men started 14 years ago but it doesn't make a difference here. To understand more of Marvels sliding timescale read this:

marvel sliding timescale

Is all this retconned?

Now that her age of being younger than Professor X and Magneto is established - is this a retcon? In short, no. Here's more evidence:

Here are extracts from Generation X #31(October 1997) and Generation X #34(January 1998) letterpages. (Credit goes to Aimee from the for scanning and finding these.)

Generation X #31 & #34 Letterpages

The writer is actually mistaken with a small bit in the Gen X #31 scan. Emma is actually stated to be 16 in Gen X -1. That would make her 26 at the moment with Marvel's sliding timescale.

Morrison's run made her, nope, it wasn't a retcon. And, yes, Emma achieved a lot when she was younger. She is stated to be between 25-30 in the next letterpage.

emma frost age generation x #31 emma frost age generation x #34

Generation X #-1 (July 1997) by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo

Emma is stated to be 16 here when she first encountered the Inner Circle. This isn't her first encounter with the Hellfire Club as the issue alludes that she's been to two other parties before. Only this time she doesn't need to use her telepathy to get in. It also states that she left home at the age of 15 (a year ago).

generation x #10, page 4 generation x #10, page 5

In short, Emma is younger than the Original 4, and this isn't a retcon, so Grant Morrison was right. At the moment, she'd be around 27-28 and this will most probably remain stagnant due to Marvels sliding timescale.