X Necrosha (2009) #1


NECROSHA CHAPTER 1 The one true Black Queen has returned, and she wants nothing less than every soul of mutantkind...dead or alive. The dead rise, familiar faces haunt mutants across the world, and Selene takes her final steps into becoming a god.

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X Necrosha (2009) #1 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Pages: 48
Print Price: $3.99
Arc: Necrosha
Cover: Clayton Crain, Rian Hughes
Script: , , ,
Pencils: Clayton Crain, Dustin Weaver
Inks: Clayton Crain
Colors: Clayton Crain, John Rauch
Letters: Joe Caramagna, Cory Petit
Edits: Chris Allo
Characters: Catseye, Cyclops, Empath, Jetstream, Roulette, Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Tarot, Thunderbird, Wolverine
Notes: The Hellions come to haunt Emma.


The Hellions are back from the dead, courtesy of Selene. Emma is haunted by them.