X-Men (2010) #16

Minor Cover

The X-Men and the FF team up when strange happenings in the Bermuda Triangle threaten the Marvel Universe. You've seen the X-Men and the FF interact before, but never with Magneto and Dr. Doom on the side of the angels!

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X-Men (2010) #16 cover
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Pages: 32
Print Price: $3.99
Arc: Betrayal in the Bermuda Triangle
Cover: Jorge Molina
Pencils: Jorge Molina
Inks: Jorge Molina
Colors: Guru eFX , Guru-eFX
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Edits: Nick Lowe
Characters: Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Dr. Nemesis, Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Invisible Woman, Magneto, Mr. Fantastic, Pixie, Spider-Man, The Thing, Valeria Richards, Wolverine, X-Men
Notes: Another Emma and Sue moment. Emma also has an opinion about the proper treatment of ex:s.


Lee Forrester is back, and the Fantastic Four request help for problems in the Bermuda Triangle. Emma makes a comment about how she stowed away all her exes because they're nothing but trouble.