X-Men: The End - Heroes and Martyrs (2005) #6


The saga of the final days of the X-Men continues! What is behind the long-concealed link between Gambit and Mr. Sinister...and what will it mean for Gambit and Rogue's children? 32 PGS./T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEENS AND UP ...$2.99

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X-Men: The End - Heroes and Martyrs (2005) #6 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Print Price: $2.99
Story Name: "Godrise"
Cover: Greg Land, Justin Ponsor
Pencils: Sean Chen
Inks: Sandu Florea
Colors: Ian Hannin, Justin Ponsor
Letters: David Sharpe, Dave Sharpe
Characters: Rogue, X-Men
Notes: Helps Rogue via psi-link.


Emma helps Rogue find the kids via telepathy.