Wolverine (2010) #5


WOLVERINE GOES TO HELL CONCLUSION There's a riot going on down below! As hell explodes around him, Logan confronts the last person in the world he ever thought he'd have to face again. Plus Sabretooth! And Ghost Riders!

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Wolverine (2010) #5 cover
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Sale Date:
Pages: 40
Print Price: $3.99
Cover: June Chung, Jae Lee
Pencils: Renato Guedes
Colors: Matthew Wilson
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos, Cory Petit
Edits: Jeanine Schaefer
Characters: Cyclops, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Iron Man, Magneto, Mariko Yashida, Mystique, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Puck, Sabretooth, Wolverine, X-Men
Notes: Appears at the last page as Cyclops brings Magneto, Emma and Namor to face down Wolverine.


Wolverine has some inner demons to face, so Cyclops brings Emma, Namor, Magneto and co. to face Wolverine. Emma appears on the last page.