Wolverine (2003) #55

"EVOLUTION," PART 6. It's time for the final round in Wolverine's decades-long grudge match with Sabretooth -- and this time only one of them is walking away. Get ready for one of the most eye-popping endings in Marvel history, True Believer!

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Wolverine (2003) #55 cover


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Print Price: $2.99
Story Name: "Evolution, Chapter Six: Quod Sum Eris"
Cover: Simone Bianchi
Pencils: Simone Bianchi
Inks: Simone Bianchi
Colors: Simone Bianchi, Simone Peruzzi
Letters: Richard Starkings
Characters: Cyclops, Iron Man, Wolverine
Notes: Looks inside Wolverine's mind and throws up (thanks Loeb).


Emma looks inside Wolverine's mind and throws up from the graphic images.