Uncanny X-Men Annual (2009) #2

Major Gallery Cover


Back during the Hellfire Club days, Shaw wanted royalty in the new Inner Circle, so he offered Namor a place in the club. Namor rejected, though, so Shaw sent Emma to entice him into joining, but Namor and Emma had a brief fling, so Shaw sent a Sentinel into Atlantis for revenge. The Sentinel was defeated, so they went to confront Shaw, but Emma was mind-wiped of the event upon learning that Shaw was behind the Sentinel manufacturing. In present time, we learn that Emma had slowly rebuilt her memories when she was in the coma after fighting the Phoenix. She offers Namor Sebastian Shaw's head for his loyalty and protection to mutantkind and herself while they are members of Norman's Cabal. Namor accepts. She invites Shaw to a secret place of the Hellfire Club and slices his head off, while Namor watches from afar. The last page shows that Emma telepathically tricked Namor into believing she had killed Shaw. In actuality, she subdued him telepathically so that she and Cyclops could bring him to the X-Brig for his crimes against mutantkind.