Uncanny X-Force (2010) #2


THE APOCAYLPSE SOLUTION PART 2 The X-Force are in deep trouble. Stranded in the Blue Area of the moon at the hands of the Last Horsemen, EVA decimated, the team scattered, diseased and terribly injured, the situation is beyond hopeless.

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Uncanny X-Force (2010) #2 cover
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Sale Date:
Pages: 32
Print Price: $2.99
Cover: Esad T. Ribic
Pencils: Jerome Opena
Inks: Jerome Opena
Colors: Dean White
Letters: Cory Petit
Characters: Angel, Archangel, Deadpool, Fantomex, Psylocke, Wolverine, X-Force, X-Men
Notes: Emma is shown on some holograms in the story.