New Exiles (2008) #8

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The Exiles find themselves caught in a war on an Earth where Napoleon's empire has been reigning for centuries, but the team has more than a few troubles to contend with. Psylocke finds herself in the far east, where echoes of her past on her own Earth leave her reeling. Gambit, meanwhile, finds himself in familiar waters on his first mission with the team, while the others get caught up in a web of politics and Imperial intrigue. Rated A ...$2.99

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New Exiles (2008) #8 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Pages: 32
Print Price: $2.99
Story Name: "Soul Awakening, Part 1"
Cover: Alan Davis, Guru Efx, Mark Farmer
Pencils: Tom Grummett
Inks: Vicente Cifuentes, Mark Farmer
Colors: Guru-eFX, Wil Quintana
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Notes: Alternate universe.


Emma Frost is head of Department X and runs a team with students she calls Force-X. She is in a wheelchair.