Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #60


New York's police department has been known to hire bounty hunters, psychics and assorted spiritualists, but Peter Parker never thought he'd see the day when they sent out a call to hire... special agent Spider-Man? But is this offer too good to be true? Maybe even a trap? It would take a mind-reader to find out the truth, and luckily, Peter knows just such a person. Unluckily, that person is Emma Frost, the very person the police want Spider-Man to hunt down. All Ages ...$2.99

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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #60 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Pages: 32
Print Price: $2.99
Cover: Takeshi Miyazawa
Pencils: Matteo Lolli, Takeshi Miyazawa, Christian Nauck
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: David Sharpe
Characters: Chat, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man, The Silencer