Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear (2011) #1


A companion to FEAR ITSELF, bringing you up to speed on all things frightening! Handbook profiles for characters that thrive on fear (Dreamqueen! Fear-Eaters! Fear-Lords! The Darkforce Dimension's Predator! Shock/Ariel Trennmore! The Golden Age's Dr. Fear!), events that have terrified (Chaos War! The Gauntlet! Second Coming! Kang Dynasty! Shadowland!) and one of the main architects of FEAR ITSELF: Sin/Red Skull! Also featuring a map tracing recent events that have terrified Marvel's denizens and mini-profiles providing the basics on the six characters chosen as hammer wielders!

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Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear (2011) #1 cover
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Sale Date:
Pages: 32
Print Price: $3.99
Arc: Fear Itself
Cover: Andrew Crossley, Patrick Scherberger, Sotocolor
Edits: Mike O'Sullivan
Characters: Absorbing Man, Grey Gargoyle, Hulk, Juggernaut, Sin, Thing, Titania
Notes: Shown in a few sum-ups of recent X-happenings.


Emma Frost is shown in the X-Men's summary of Fear Itself.