Doomwar (2010) #1


Wakanda has been conquered, its Vibranium reserves plundered. Storm faces execution in the next 48 hours. And Dr. Doom stands triumphant. It will take the combined forces of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the two Black Panthers to stand against him. A war has begun that will pit the world's most relentless super-villain against a collection of the world's most powerful super heroes -- one that will span the globe, offering twists and turns and surprise players (hello, Deadpool!) that neither side will see coming. Rated T ...$3.99

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Doomwar (2010) #1 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Pages: 40
Print Price: $3.99
Cover: John Romita Jr.
Script: ,
Pencils: Will Conrad, Scot Eaton, John Romita Jr.
Inks: Dennis Mallonee
Colors: Dean White
Characters: Black Panther, Cyclops, Doctor Doom, Storm
Notes: Has some words with T'Challa and Shuri as they comes to Utopia to ask for help.


Emma talks to Black Panther and Shuri, who visit Utopia to ask for help.