Decimation: House of M - The Day After (2005) #1


It was the worst day in X-Men history. Now it's the day after. The House of M is over, but the effects will be felt for the rest of their lives. How do the X-Men pick up the pieces in a world that has completely changed? This special one-shot is the world's first real glimpse into the entire Marvel Universe, post-House of M. It also gives a special preview of the titles that come out of that event, such as New Excalibur, X-Factor, Generation M, and a few we can't name here! We said the world was changed. You've been warned! 48 PGS./T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEENS AND UP ...$3.99

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Decimation: House of M - The Day After (2005) #1 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Pages: 48
Print Price: $3.99
Story Name: "The Day After"
Arc: House of M
Cover: Randall Green
Pencils: Randall Green, Aaron Lopresti
Inks: Don Hillsman II, Rob Hunter, Robert Hunter, Norm Rapmund
Letters: Randy Gentile, Virtual Calligraphy
Characters: Cyclops, Sentinels
Notes: Throws glass. "Queens conquer". O.N.E. sentinels arrive.


Emma is stressed about mutant issues. She drinks alcohol and throws some glass out of frustration. Scott encourages her and reminds her she is the White Queen and can get through this.