Dark Avengers (2009) #6


The pressures of Osborn's new position as both head of HAMMER and leader of the Dark Avengers are building. And with pressure comes the voices. How much longer until Osborn cracks and the Goblin is unleashed?

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Dark Avengers (2009) #6 cover
Cover Date:
Sale Date:
Pages: 32
Print Price: $3.99
Arc: Dark Reign
Cover: Rainier Beredo
Pencils: Will Conrad, Mike Deodato, Mike Deodato Jr.
Inks: Mike Deodato
Colors: Rainier Beredo
Letters: Cory Petit
Characters: Dark Avengers, Doctor Doom, Loki, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Norman Osborn, The Hood
Notes: Meets with the Cabal.