Avengers Vs. X-Men (2012) #7

Major Cover

Cyclops changes the game with these three words: "No More Avengers!"

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The Avengers and X-Men fight again. Illyana sees the Scarlet Witch and tells her she should die and then attacks her, but the Scarlet Witch knocks Illyana out. In defense of Illyana, Emma calls the Scarlet Witch a murderer of the mutant race and attacks her, but Hawkeye butts in and hits Emma with an arrow. She gets extremely pissed and burns him alive, while the Avengers teleport to safety. The Phoenix Five arrive back in Utopia. Hawkeye is alive but unconscious and completely fried. Cyclops says no killing, despite Illyana claiming that the Scarlet Witch is evil. Emma tells Cyclops she didn't kill Hawkeye. She got mad and the power -- she gets cut off. Namor thinks she should have killed them all since it's a war and not a brawl. Cyclops doesn't want this to be a war and says that it's a rescue mission (to get Hope). More fights happen around the world. Namor summons Transonic in a fight with the Scarlet Witch, but with just one touch, she destroys Namor and then reassembles him, while Transonic gets captured by the Avengers. Despite the capturing of Transonic, Cyclops insists they're winning and tells Namor to lighten up. He storms off in anger. Emma comes from behind and tells Namor he's right and "(Scott) literally used to be a boyscout. Let him chase his happy ending for a while." Namor says it's not a game, and Emma reveals she can that she can telepathically feel Transonic. She kisses him and telepathically tells him that the Avengers are hiding her in Wakanda. The last page shows Namor yelling WAR as he brings a gigantic tide of water and Atlantean forces with him onto Wakandan territory.

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