Emma Frost Comic Book Database

This page shows comic book appearances and stats for Emma Frost! This database has the most complete, up-to-date comic book information for Emma Frost.

The database sources information from nikbackm's Emma Frost - comic appearances spreadsheet and scrapes additional data from the Marvel API and comicbookbd.com, thanks to handy programming skills. Most of the information here is automated, and there will never be a need for a human hand again!


Top Appearances & Cover Appearances

The years are normalized for the sale date (e.g. the day the issue was released) of the comic book.

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Cover Date vs Sale Date

An issue, such as Jean Grey (2017) #9, has a cover date and sale date specified in the issue details. The cover date refers to the date displayed in the interior or on the exterior of the comic book (see cover date explanation on Wikipedia). The sale date refers to the day the issue was released and available for sale.

The day of the sale date is hidden if the sale date occurred before the year 2009. The scraped data that returns the day of the sale is inaccurate, but we're all good for issues that occur after 2008. :)

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