Generation X

Generation X Beginnings

Uncanny X-Men #318, Generation X #1, Generation X Annual '95

Uncanny X-Men #318Some of the X-Men sensed Emma's more heart felt side and offered her and Banshee a chance to teach a new generation of mutants known as Generation X. Emma accepted this offer and used her Massachusetts Academy as the headquarters for the students. She also gave Xavier a gift, a plaque for the outside of the mansion, which said Xavier's School for Higher Learning, rather than the older Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Emma and Banshee had frequent disagreements about their teaching styles. Emma also had minor issues with M, who some times acted arrogant and snobby against Emma. She couldn't access M's telepathic mind either, and this made her uncomfortable.

Cordelia Frost, the youngest of the Frost family, tracked down Emma because she needed help in rescuing a mutant named Mondo, who was apparently kidnapped by a man named Barrington. Emma immediately accused Cordelia of acting phony and noted that she had no way of finding out if her younger sister was lying, simply because Cordelia (as well as Adrienne) was immune to Emma's telepathy. However, Emma reluctantly assisted her younger sister find Mondo but quickly found out it was all a ploy. When the Generation X team rescued Mondo, it was revealed that Cordelia, herself, had kidnapped Mondo in order to present Shinobi Shaw, the then current Black King of the Hellfire Club, as a prize and hopefully become the new White Queen. Emma was not surprised by Cordelia's ploy and firmly commanded Cordelia to stay away from the school.

Generation X #1 Generation X Annual #95

Unleashing Iceman's Power Potential

Uncanny X-Men #331

Iceman returned from an X-Men mission and was fatally injured due to a chest wound whilst in ice form. With the knowledge that Emma had used Iceman's powers to his full potential, he contacted Emma and asked if she could help transform himself back into flesh. Emma's answer was no, which Iceman didn't seem to get as he consistently asked Emma several times. Emma's theory believed Iceman had to transform himself back into flesh, without the help of others, because she knew it would be the only way of him to learn. Finally, Emma revealed the reason why Iceman could not return back to flesh was because he, himself, was psychologically holding back. Iceman finally accepted this reason and was successfully able to transform back into human flesh.

Following this event, Iceman and Emma occasionally exchanged flirtatious conversations, but it was hinted that Emma was simply joyriding Iceman, while he seriously thought it was something special.

The Onslaught Crisis & Psi-War

Generation X #18 - #19, Generation X #42-#43

During the Onslaught Crisis when Xavier's mind went evil, Emma Frost feared her students would be in danger, so she took them to a safe house in Canada. She telepathically controlled them and made them have happy thoughts. Because she was controlling many minds at once during a long period of time, the telepathic strain on her began to build up which caused stress and confusion. M was able to telepathically contact Emma and told her it was wrong to take away freedom from the students, no matter how worried she was about their safety. Emma agreed with M and gave up telepathic control of the students. She revealed the reason she did this because she did not want to lose another one of her students, like she did the Hellions. She was deeply traumatized by the loss of the Hellions, which the students were unaware of the time until this incident.

Like all telepaths, Emma Frost was affected by the Psi-War and temporarily lost her powers. Because Banshee saw Emma's erratic behavior without her telepathy, Banshee wanted to teach the students that no one should solely rely on his/her powers. In an attempt to exhibit his point, he attempted to punch Emma, which by surprise, she blocked his attack and showed very skillful hand-to-hand combat. Banshee was around to comfort Emma's feeling of loss and uselessness, which led to mild flirtation between them. Around the same time, though, Emma's telepathic powers returned and she was back to normal.

Adrienne's Offer to Generation X

Generation X #49, #55 - #56

Generation X #49Emma's thriving company Frost International unexpectedly hit an all time low in the stock market. In Emma's desperation to save her own company, she contacted her older sister Adrienne for financial help. Adrienne laughed at Emma's plea and expectedly said no. However, when Emma left Adrienne's office, she left her purse behind. Adrienne touched the purse and due to her psychometric powers, she immediately learned Emma was teaching a group of young mutants. Adrienne realized this could benefit her and called Emma back to the office. Adrienne offered to help with Emma's company in exchange as headmistress of Generation X.

Emma finally realized Adrienne's true reasonings for joining: she wanted to hurt Emma in every imaginable way. To heighten Emma's post-traumatic stress regarding the death of the Hellions, Adrienne designed a Danger Room hologram and replicated the day the Hellions died. The Danger Room clone made the Generation X students act as the Hellions and Emma Frost act like her old self. During the battle, the students found a way to shut down the machine. Adrienne then pronounced herself as the new White Queen of the Hellfire Club and claimed she would be back with a a much better plan.

Emma Apologizes to Firestar

Generation X #59

Generation X #59After the stressing events of the week, Emma and Banshee kicked back for a bit and took the kids to a field trip in New York City. Artie and Leech disappeared and took off for a visit to the Avenger's mansion. Emma and Banshee, along with the other students, found Artie and Leech. However, Emma encountered Firestar residing at the Avenger's mansion. Emma sincerely apologized that she was sorry for her evil behavior and also explained how the death of her Hellions' had made her change. Firestar forgave her but also reminded her to never revert back to her old ways - or she would be sorry.

The Disband of Generation X

Generation X #70, #75

Adrienne marked her word and returned to the Generation X team. Due to Adrienne's information of telling the police of the Massachusetts' Academy of "harboring" mutants, the school's private information was revealed to the entire public. The students' parents were enraged and formed a riot protesting they wanted their children out of the "dangerous" school. To prove the parents' point, Adrienne planted several bombs within the school. Banshee told the kids to stay out of danger while he disarmed the bombs. He successfully disabled most of the bombs, however, Synch attempted to disable the last bomb, which got him killed. Emma was angered and infuriated she let some one become close to her students enough to put them in danger. Because Emma's powers were immune to Adrienne, she used a gun and killed Adrienne point blank. Emma took all of Adrienne's finances and took care of Generation X and her company's financial problems.

Following these crazy events, the Generation X and Banshee became aware of what Emma had done and no longer wanted to trust her. Emma agreed with them and informed that they no longer should trust her. Banshee was in the pits too - he became extremely depressed due to the death of his former lover, Moira MacTaggert. The combination of these tragedies led to the disband of Generation X.

Emma set off to teach another set of mutants in Genosha, an island haven for mutants.