Alternate Universes

I'm no longer covering alternate realities of Emma Frost. I can't keep track of them, however, Emma's Wikipedia article has a wonderful list of other versions of Emma Frost here.

Age of Apocalypse

Emma lost her telepathy due to a psychic lobotomy, but it saved her from death when Apocalypse massacred all psychic mutants. She was the leader of the High Human Council with Mariko Yashida and Brian Braddock, but she distrusted the two members because of their anti-mutant sentiments. When times got tough, she reluctantly ordered them to battle against Apocalypse's forces.


Emma was a mutant in a wheelchair and a member of the Avengers, the only superhero group that remained at the time. Their mission was to gather all non-infected superheroes in order to fight the villains.

In another Exiles reality (Earth-27538), Emma Frost was a member of the Hellfire Club. The Exiles team had to fight the Hellfire Club to prevent reality crashing. She sensed the thoughts of the mutant Proteus inside the mind of Morph. She tried to release Proteus, but, Longshot thwarted the plan and threw a dagger straight into her head. She eventually healed, and her survival became important for the fate of that reality.

X-Men: The End

Emma Frost was married to Scott Summers and had 4 children - Megan and Alex, as well as unnamed twins. She also shared a close friendship with Rogue.

What If...?

Emma Frost held a romantic relationship with Warren Worthington III (Angel). They were also members of the Hellfire Club, but the club was destroyed by the forces of Apocalypse.