Emma or Jean? Claremont has the answer!

emma and jean

An Emma fan asked Chris Claremont who his favorite creation is, maaaaybe hoping for Emma Frost to be the answer. She's the best, and we totally aren't biased at all. Then, she popped the big one, the age old question as ancient as Emma's age (just kidding, we all know she's 21) -- EMMA or JEAN with Cyclops?

Here's his somewhat evasive answer, according to a Newsarama report:

A fan asked who of Claremont's creations is his favorite, and he asked her, "Who is yours?" She said "Emma Frost," and he said, "There you go!" She then asked, "do you like Cyclops more with Emma or Jean?"

Claremont said, "I have to say, I was on facebook the other night. First thing I saw was a shot of Scott falling from a bit height and saying, 'Jean? Emma? A little help here please?' I thought, 'That's a nice panel, but Scott, you're not 12 years old falling out of your father's plane. Turn yourself around, use your optic blasts, dumbass, and fire them to slow down!' This is what Scott Summers would do. I don't know who you are! That's how you might save yourself and be the hero. But, I never saw the next panel so I don't know what happens next. I'm just saying. So how's that for an answer?"

(via Newsarama)

Good call, Claremont!

And, hey, Emma fan! If you're reading this, yay for the Emma love at the 'con!! She needs it! And do you like Cyclops more with Emma or Jean? The question, however, always should be about who is good for Emma. ;)