Marvel Legends Emma Frost: Manipulator of Memories Photos

The Fwoosh has some sweet photos of the Marvel Legends EMMA FROST from the WOLVERINE line. Dubbed "Manipulator of Memories," she comes with Puck's body as part of the Build-A-Figure collection.

The Wolverine line is a PREVIEWS exclusive, which could suggest that these figures would only be found in comic book stores or through special orders.

A PREVIEWS Exclusive! The mutant berserker Wolverine is one of Marvel Comics' most popular characters, and now he and other members of the mutant family are recreated as 6" action figures! In the Wolverine Legends line, collectors will find dynamic figures of Wolverine (with his claws popped), Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Sabretooth. Each figure features a costume based on the comics, and each figure comes with an additional piece for the Puck build-a-figure. Collect them all! Blister card packaging.

Release dates are really confusing right now, since Marvel's Live Blog talked about 2014 releases for either the 6-inch figure (this one) or the 3.75-inch figure. According to Marvelous News, PREVIEWS says these figures will be available this September.

Marvel Legends: Manipulator of Memories

Marvel Legends: Manipulator of Memories