Emma Frost cards in 'Marvel War of Heroes'

Marvel War of Heroes

Emma Frost has six "playable" cards in "Marvel War of Heroes", a mobile game for iOS and Android. Some of her cards feature original art! Similar to her play type in "Marvel: Avengers Alliance", TACTICS is her alignment in "War of Heroes." You can check out her stats for the following card titles at the War Of Heroes Wiki.

Diamond Lady

Emma Frost, War of Heroes, Diamond Lady Diamond Lady, Emma Frost, War of Heroes

I'll Take Your Romance

I'll take your romance I'll take your romance


Diamond Conglomerate, Emma Frost Conglomerate, Emma Frost

Lego Marvel Superheroes trailer

No Emma Frost in the trailer, but, maybe, if we make enough noise we can convince the game developers to add EMMA FROST to the team if they haven't already.