Namor & Shaw not forgotten, 'Warsong' happened, Emma & Marvel's marketing

It feels it has been a while since Emma Frost was mentioned in CBR's X-Position! So here she gets several mentions regarding random questions by awesome fans.

U mad, Namor?

Although fans have been questioning Namor's reaction to the return of a mind-wiped Sebastian Shaw who Namor believed to be dead, the X-editors haven't forgotten about it even though it seems Namor has.

3) Are we ever going to see a resolution on panel between Namor and Emma over Shaw? At this point, I'm beginning to believe Namor knew all along Shaw was alive and is just letting Emma dangle. But, at the very least, can we see Namor kick the snot out of Shaw?

Lowe: We haven't forgotten the whole Emma/Namor/Shaw thing -- if just for a great joke that Kieron wants to make.

White: Using Namor for a joke? You'd better hope he doesn't hold a grudge.

'Endsong' and 'Warsong' are real!

Yes, "Phoenix: Endsong" and "Phoenix: Warsong" happened. So the Stepford Cuckoos are, indeed, clones of Emma Frost from the collection of her ova, not that most of us were doubting it!

phoenix warsong 5

1) Are "Phoenix: Endsong" and "Phoenix: Warsong" in canon? If so, will Emma still be looking for revenge?

Lowe: Both stories really happened. And Emma doesn't hold a grudge. Wait a second...

White: I think Emma and Namor might be holding a grudge about last time Nick spoke badly about them.

Emma Frost: The brains behind Marvel's marketing

Emma Frost apparently sends telepathic messages regarding Marvel's marketing management. Quite the businesswoman, she is -- and well-dressed at that too.

Who comes up for the marketing for your titles? What I mean by this is, who decides what teasers/ads to show, and where and when they will be placed? I am a marketing major who has been trying to get into the marketing field, and I was just wondering about the process behind this at Marvel as well as the X-Editors' role in this?

Lowe: It's a combination of things. Lots of our marketing comes from our friends in the marketing department. Sometimes it comes from us in editorial. Sometimes it's our writers or artists. Sometimes it comes from other folks down the hall, like Joe Quesada or Dan Buckley. Sometimes it's planted in our heads by Emma Frost. The fine folks in marketing execute all of it.

White: I also feel the need to point out how well-dressed Emma Frost always is.

SOURCE: X-Position: Lowe, Ketchum & White are the X-Editors