Boobies! The Cleavage Project sells 'ta-tas' to promote breast cancer research

An Ebay search of ‘Emma Frost’ shows everything from comics to toys and, sometimes, provocative images focusing on Emma’s buxom chest, which artists seem to love to draw.
Kristen Bellatti of Papillion, Nebraska, is selling her art of Emma Frost’s breasts, too, though not with the intent one would expect.
Launched in April by Bellatti, The Cleavage Project aims to promote breast cancer research by auctioning off her 5''x17'' original artwork of a superheroine's cleavage. 10% of the proceeds will go to Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, whose simple goal is stop breast cancer.
the cleavage project emma frost

What got you started on The Cleavage Project?
Bellatti: What got me started on The Cleavage Project was a mashing of ideas. First, I came across odd-sized 5" x 17" paper that I wanted to play around with different cropping and perspectives of characters. Second came the fun and celebrated topic of breasts during one of my art casts on (my art casts have since moved to The third idea came to me when I was working on a cleavage. I realized what I was drawing were the chests of strong, powerful women. That went to blend into the fourth idea, which was my Aunt Jackie Laporte-Miller, who lost her battle with breast cancer. Then it all clicked and came together.
So, since this is an Emma Frost site, what made you want to draw Emma's boobs? ...And, what do you think Emma Frost...and her boobs?! They do have the knack to get a lot of attention!
Bellatti: Haha! What inspired me to draw the Emma Frost Cleavage was that she's well-known for her endowments and also to celebrate the release of "X-Men: First Class". My opinion is that she has one of the best 'artistic representations" of any lady comic book character.
How would you feel if your artwork was bought for pure fanboy masturbation? That's always a possibility!
This question actually came up during the art cast when I was drawing Emma. My reply is still the same: If my art is being appreciated, I know I've done my job well.
Have you gotten any slack from anyone who might find this potentially sexist or degrading? What do you think about that?
Bellatti: Since the start of The Cleavage Project, I have gotten wonderful, positive support from both men and women and from all ages. If I were to receive negative feedback, I would just smile and thank the person for their opinion. Breasts nurture new life and are the ultimate symbol of being a woman. To not celebrate this would be a huge red mark on humanity.

More information about The Cleavage Project can be found at its Facebook page.