'X-Men Extra' iPad App Screenshots

Don't worry if you don't have an iPad. I've got it right here. The FREE "X-Men Extra" on the App Store, released by Fox Mobile Entertainment to promote the movie's release, sheds light into the historical aspects of the X-Men First Class and gives us more insight into Emma's character!

Oddly enough, the Emma Frost article is written by Carol Danvers, the name of an Avenger with the codename Ms. Marvel.
The article says Emma received a Bachelor of Science in electronics and business administration at the Empire State University and has a strong reputation with Washington insiders.
Of course, Emma Frost is nobody's cover girl: "Whether I'm in the public eye or completely ignored is of no consequence," she said.
Finally, the article says she's rumored to have "telekinetic, mind control and other powers yet uncharted."
In the "X-Men in the News" section, it says Emma has been romantically linked to the "mutant Howard Hughes" named Sebastian Shaw.

Here's a closer look of Emma Frost watching Lyndon B. Johnson taking the oath of office on Air Force One: