The Never-ending Case of Emma Frost and Firestar

Emma Frost and Firestar have had a hefty history together. Just recently, Emma asked Firestar to join the X-Men in Utopia in "Young Allies" #6. Read more inside as I recollect the other times she tried to recruit the young mutant. Scans are inside, too.

In 1980 during the "Firestar" miniseries, the White Queen deceitfully recruited Angelica Jones to the Hellions. Emma kept Firestar under her "wings" and made sure the X-Men wouldn't get to her. But eventually, Firestar figured things out and burned down the gym that Emma used to train mutants:

I can't say Emma didn't deserve this.

After the White Queen failed, she tried to recruit Firestar again in New Warriors #10. She failed this time, too, but she said that Firestar would one day be sorry for her mistaken beliefs.
It was actually the other way around. In Generation X, Emma apologized for advancing so harshly on the young mutant - albeit she forgot to apologize for killing Butter Rum, Firestar's horse. Oh, the poor girl! Firestar accepted the apology but warned Emma to never mess with her again.

Firestar just cannot get away from Emma Frost. Recently, Emma Frost suggested in Young Allies #6 she should join the X-Men in Utopia, lying in San Francisco. After all, Firestar has been worrying about balancing her life as a graduate student, superhero, and being a cover girl as a cancer survivor.

Of course, Firestar rejected Emma's lovely offer. (And if you're wondering why Emma is sitting on a smoldered couch, Firestar unleashed her fireblasts at Emma in a fit of frustration after she telepathically hounded the girl throughout the issue.)
It's actually a good read. Firestar comes to a conclusion about her busy life, thanks to Emma's advice. At the end of the issue, Firestar says she takes "the unintentional advice of someone whose advice (she) would never, ever take." Oh, Emma. Perhaps, she knew exactly what she was doing.