X-Position: Matt Fraction, September 2009

CBR interviews Matt Fraction, and he answers questions about Emma Frost. He also mentions that Emma Frost is "the love of Scott's life."

Preview art from Uncanny X-Men1) Storm has recently butted heads with Emma Frost, and I wanted to know if there will be more of these roundtable feuds?
Jeremy, I think there's a natural friction there that comes from any two strong-minded and strong-willed people getting in a room together - not helped by Emma's natural coldness in her diamond state and Storm's natural distaste for Emma. But going forward, I think those outbursts might be limited to smoldering glances and catty remarks.
With all that is coming up, how will Cyclops react when he see a grown-up Hope, especially since she seems so much like Jean - the love of his life? Will this somehow cause a change in the "leader" of the mutants?
Well, I mean, she's a teenage girl when she comes back. She's a kid - age 16 or 17, something like that. Hardly a grown-up. Unless you're one of those perverted freakazoids that have ruined the internet for everyone, in which case I got nothin' for you.
Preview art from Uncanny X-MenTo me, Emma is the love of Scott's life. Jean was the great love of his youth, but to become a man, he needed to move on and he has. He's not biding time until the next foxy redhead comes along. If Jean were alive, I suspect they'd no longer be romantically connected but still very deep and very sincere friends.
His concerns with Hope, when he sees her, aren't going to be romantic but rather - "Okay, kid, I put it all on the line for you, people have fought and died for you. How about saving our asses right now?"