Dark X-Men Dossiers: Emma Frost

Marvel has released the last dossier to the Dark X-Men and it is on the leader, our dear Emma Frost.
The article includes an interview with Fraction with details on how 'uge this is for Emma and Scott and Emma's place on the Cabal.

What price will Emma Frost pay for leading the Dark X-Men?

"She's suddenly publicly standing next to Norman Osborn, leading a team of X-Men [and] denouncing Scott and his team as dangerous militants, [saying] they're not to be trusted," explains Fraction. "It's a pretty profound schism."

"The punch line is, Osborn comes to her and says, 'Listen, our deal was your people keep quiet and I stay out of your business. Your boyfriend wasn't able to keep people quiet, so here's the plan, here's how we're going to fix this. I'm going to put a team together that's going to be the face of law and order, and you're going to lead it.' And Norman's not the kind of guy that gives you alternatives."
Since joining Osborn's Cabal in the wake of Secret Invasion, Emma has divided herself between that covert group and the X-Men. But though she will ostensibly lead the Dark X-Men, her new role doesn't represent making a bid for independence from the two teams.
"It's an expression of what it's like to be trapped between them both," Fraction muses. "I mean, Osborn is running the show. She might be the face of the team leadership, and she might be the one in the field calling the shots, but this is Osborn's dance and she knows it. She's playing the very, very difficult cards that she's been dealt."
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