Nick Lowe Talks Emma Frost in Dark Reign

In CBR's X-Position: X-Editors, fans ask questions regarding Emma's role in Dark Reign. Previously, an X-Men writer said that Emma will have her miniseries in 2009. This is incorrect according to Nick Lowe.

Marc Tarazevits is next, and he manages to include the first Dark Reign query of the day…
1) I thought a possible Emma Frost miniseries in 2009 was mentioned at one of the cons. Any details?

LOWE: No set plan for an Emma miniseries, but Emma fans are going to have a banner 2009. We start it off with a bang in “Uncanny X-Men Annual: Dark Reign White Queen” which comes out in January. It shows her secret past with Namor and Sebastian Shaw, as well as looking at her secret present with that table full of dangerous dudes and Loki. It’s all brought to you by Matt Fraction, Daniel Acuña and Mitch Breitweiser.
3) In the original plans for the evil Norman Osborn-Illuminati, I heard that Magneto was supposed to be used, but then it was decided to use Emma instead. So now I’m wondering – when are we going to see Magneto show up and start causing trouble for the X-Men?
LOWE: There was very early talk about Magneto being on Norman’s crew, but we already had big plans for the Big M in place that were too awesome to be scuttled. ‘Uncanny’ is the place to look.
1) Okay, the ["Secret Invasion: Dark Reign"] one-shot was awesome. The X-Men are finally being involved in the other side of the Marvel Universe again, and the person doing it is none other then our very own Emma Frost. We've heard from Brian Bendis that we'll see the Illuminaughty popping up across the Marvel Universe, and it's alluded that they'll be teaming up to accomplish “stuff.” Any chance of seeing a team-up in “Uncanny” – preferably Emma/Loki or Emma/Doom? You do have Greg Land as an artist, after all…
LOWE: The first member of the Illuminaughty who shows up in X-Land is Namor in the aforementioned Annual. As for the rest? Wait and see!
2) Will anything from the current X-continuity be used? In their recent encounter, Emma “knocked over” quite a few things in Xavier's head. And the thing that struck me most about that scene was that the location of the mind gem and Xavier's protocols would be locked up somewhere in there – should we be worried?
LOWE: Those things are still in play, but Xavier’s mind is far from perfectly back together. For now, the protocols and Infinity Gem seem safe.
3) What does Frost International specialize in, anyway? The bios from the 1970s say they were in shipping, but a lot of the Hellfire Club tech and Emma's electronics was created by Frost International…
LOWE: The main product of Frost International was actually bacon. Who knew?

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