CBR: Comics Should Be Good!

Greg Hatcher from CBR breaks down several confusing and interesting storylines of the X-Men's past. Cyclops and Emma's affair, and Emma's X-recruitment are one of the several mentioned:

Guessing the girl with the blond hair is Emma Frost, the White Queen. I thought she was evil in the Dark Phoenix saga..? And she’s with Scott?!

Yeah, that was Grant Morrison’s idea. When he took over the X-Men title a few years back, his mission statement was to try to get the book back to the kind of smart, cool soap-opera adventure it had been when Claremont and Byrne were doing stuff like Dark Phoenix, and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what would happen next.
One of the things he did was put Emma on the team; she had reformed a few years before, but Morrison had this great take on her where she was trying to be a good guy but she was still a snide bitch.

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