More Wolverine & the X-Men News

Chris Yost was interviewed by CBR and asked about his upcoming tv show, Wolverine & the X-Men:

The trailer for the new "Wolverine and The X-Men" cartoon was great! How involved have you and "X-Force" co-writer Craig Kyle been in the series and how much influence have you had on it's content? It was exciting to see newer characters like Dust making an appearance!

""Wolverine and the X-Men" is going to be an amazing ride. I was lucky enough to work on a handful of episodes before I started another project, but Craig Kyle (and series story editor Greg Johnson) is the mastermind of that series. He lived it and breathed it for a solid year if not longer. It's his baby.

I can't say much about our influence and characters, but anyone familiar with our stuff will have more than a few smiles coming. We did stuff in there that makes us laugh due to its unbelievable awesomeness."

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