Emma Frost Files is a fan site for Emma Frost and features galleries, comic book appearances, covers, and more.

NOTE: Thanks to all who helped make this site possible for many years. All important things are available for archive purposes. I have neither time nor interest to update it anymore. - aimee@emmafrostfiles.com

July 30, 2017: Just kidding ... I updated the site to fully use a new framework (half of the site was on WordPress, which kept getting hacked. Ugh.). Comics are now at /comics/ instead of the comics.emmafrostfiles.com subdomain.

Coming Soon but-who-knows-when: Full automation of the comic book database so I won't have to manually add issues!!!

I really have no interest in updating the blog anymore though, but I will do my best to automate things. :)

December 22, 2017: YEAH!!! HTTPS is enabled site-wide, and full automation of the comic book database here!! Check it out at /comics/!!

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