Emma Frost Files was created in 2007 because there weren’t any updated Emma sites out there. Since then, the site has become one of the largest sources for the White Queen.

The site’s goal is to document and archive news, images, comics and related material, so that viewers have a central access to the character’s history.

Legal Stuff, “Netiquette” & Plagiarism

Fair Use: Marvel, Emma Frost and related material and images do not belong to us. We use copyrighted material without permission, but we are protected under the fair use exception. We are not challenging ownership of the Emma Frost character. Our purpose is to archive information on the Internet related to the fictional character.

Original content: We post original content, such as interviews, on occasion. We ask that you provide an excerpt, not the entire post, when linking to original content. Emma Frost Files always follows proper netiquette when we link to another site’s original content: post an excerpt and link to the article. Never do we verbatim copy another site’s article, as that is just plagiarism! So, we ask that you be considerate and follow similar netiquette when browsing the site.

Fan creations: As per courtesy and netiquette, all fan creations have been posted with the permissions of the artists. If you’d like to repost fan art, please contact the author of the work. We have provided very clear links for this purpose and to give credit where credit is due.

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