Emma Frost Fan Fiction

This section has been deprecated as of 2008 but will remain intact.

Fan fiction is categorized in alphabetical order. All fic has been listed with the author’s permission.


Title: My heart thrown open wide.
Description: Vacation has never been Scott’s thing. Neither has fatherhood.
Pairing(s): Scott/Emma, Hints of Scott/Jean, Scott/Madelyne
Rating: PG.

Title: You know; you know where you are with.
Description: Emma draws Scott onto the astral plane for answers and gets more than she expected.
Pairing(s): Scott/Emma
Rating: PG.


Title: A Certain Kind of Light
Description: Emma said, “We all deserve a break,” and Kitty said “Karaoke!” and the heartache that followed was pretty much inevitable. This is an absolutely serious story, that happens to contain a lot of jokes about the Bee Gees.
Pairing(s): Emma/Scott
Rating: R

Title: Champagne Wishes
Description: All the best relationships begin with window-shopping in the liquor store on Valentine’s Day Night. Obviously.
Pairing(s): Emma/Tony Stark
Rating: R

Title: Four Things Emma Frost Might Find in Scott Summers’ Brain
Description: Number 4 has vague spoilers through Astonishing #14
Pairing(s): Emma/Scott, Scott/Jean
Rating: R

Title: Twinkie Run (The Stars and Garters Remix)
Description: Junk food is banned from Xavier’s School for the Gifted. Hank McCoy, a new member of the faculty, decides to bend the rules for the sake of his students. Meanwhile, fellow new teacher Emma Frost creates her own set of problems for Scott Summers.
Pairing(s): Scott/Emma, hints of Scott/Jean
Rating: PG


Title: X-Men Fic
Description: Post X-2, movieverse. Emma/Scott, hints of Logan/Rogue
Rating: PG


Title: Sinister Plots, Chapter 5
Description: Emma and Scott chat in chapter 5 of Vampire-Orchid’s Sinister Plots fan fiction. Full story here.
Pairing(s): Scott/Emma
Rating: T