New X-Men #116

New X-Men #116 cover
Cover Date:
Importance: Major
Arc: E is for Extinction
Cover: Frank Quitely
Pencils: Frank Quitely
Inks: Dan Green, Mark Morales
Colors: Hi-Fi Designs
Letters: Richard Starkings, Saida Temofonte
Characters: Beast, Cassandra Nova, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Professor Xavier, Wolverine

Emma reveals her English accent. Fake or not - we don't know in this issue yet!


After the destruction of Genosha, Beast and Jean Grey find Emma alive with a secondary mutation that allows her to transform her skin into a diamond. She's also holding the dead body of Ellie Phimister and asks the rescue team to bring her back to life, but the girl has been dead for a while, they say.

After having a "Road to Damascus" moment, she joins the X-Men and subdues Nova for the time being by snapping her neck. She claims to Scott that she only returned for her Louis Vuitton, however.