Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #47

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #47 cover
Cover Date:
Importance: Major
Cover: Greg Horn

UK publication. French version available too.


A must-have for any Emma Frost fan. It comes with a very fleshed out biography, a poster spread inside the pages, a timeline, a hand-painted figurine and some commentary by different creators!

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As for Frost herself, Claremont said, “She was Shaw’s partner – in terms of the Hellfire Club; they weren’t business associates. They might have had a relationship at some time, but the point was that they were equals; maybe he stood a little higher since he was the Black King. But I think the thing with Emma was that the reason she was the White Queen (and he was the Black King) was that to be the Black Queen [a role assumed during the Hellfire Club Saga by a mesmerized Jean Grey/Phoenix dressed in a tone-down version of Peel's Queen of Sin outfit] would imply that she was somehow subservient, a little subordinate to him.

“Her point was, ‘I am not subordinate; I am equal. My White King will not be my superior any more than your Black Queen will, therefore we will balance each other,’” continued the writer, who added, “Very strong feminist, that girl!”