Emma Frost & Cyclops breakup CONFIRMED!

“The romance is done…” Brian Michael Bendis said on Newsarama.

Emma Frost and Cyclops, who laid eyes on each other during Morrison’s New X-Men (2001-04), had a falling out in Avengers vs X-Men when the Phoenix Force possessed them. Emma had a telepathic tryst with Namor while he was trashing Wakanda. Later, Cyclops ignored her plea for help to control the Phoenix Force and, ultimately, choked her in order to consume the full power of the force.

Well, that’s the simplified gist of it.

Shown: Photoshopped art inspired by Perez Hilton.

Emma Frost & Cyclops: OVER!

Uncanny X-Men Relaunch

Their “official” breakup will occur in Bendis’ and Chris Bachalo’s “Uncanny X-Men” relaunch in which Emma and Scott will be teamed-up together, according to Bendis.

From Newsarama:

“If the Avengers are a family, then Uncanny X-Men is a very, very, very dysfunctional family. But these characters really do need each other. And some of them love each other. And some of them don’t,” said the writer.

And as that hints, while Emma and Scott will be on the same team, they will no longer be involved.

“The romance is done. They are not together anymore romantically. It’s pretty hard to come back from what they went through in Avengers Vs. X-Men.” The breakup will “take a while,” though, and Bendis said it’s been “fun to write.”

Oh, Emma Frost, Cyclops and the rest of the new “Uncanny X-Men” team have some new threads to show…

Uncanny X-Men #1 by Bendis & Bachalo


  • Rockawesome013

    Yes!!! I’m glad they are splitting up! They made a great couple in the beginning and it was a very interesting dynamic but I felt Emma’s role sort of devolved to that of “Cyclop’s girlfriend” she pretty much did what he did. So I’m glad she has her independence back lol! I don’t mind a costume change but I was really hoping they would at least stick to the white…it’s her signature color!!! Now she looks like she could be any other blonde running around…

  • Niklas B


    Hopefully this will allow some good development for Emma. And by that I don’t mean the bitter ex who constantly needles Cyclops!

  • Khino

    Now that’s something I wasn’t expecting! This has lots of potential, I find it great that for once two exes will get to work together right after they break up instead of one of them leaving the team or whatever.

    I think this break up had to happen. With the ending of second coming and now AvX, for me it’s clear that Marvel isn’t going to let Scott get over Jean, and since Emma’s relationship with Cyclops has been such a focal point to her character, it was getting kind of degrading to her. The way I see it, it’s been 3 years of Emma missing a lot of opportunities to have actual development to keep this status quo (and even worse, I feel like the relationship got priority over her individual character, and Cyclops over them both). It had its moments and a lot of potential, but if writers were going to use her solely in the girlfriend role, it’s time to move on.

    I’m a bit worried with her role in this, because of the timing. It’s happening during a time she’s a fugitive and isn’t as resourceful as she once was (due to Utopia funding). If it weren’t for those limitations, it would be second nature to her to go to the school or build her own. On one hand, that could be great for her development, taking the character from her comfort zone and putting her on an unlikely scenario out of necessity (I don’t think Emma really fits in this revolution theme, she has always been someone that understands the system and takes advantage of rather than change it. Besides, she’s too pragmatic for that). An in-character Emma, for me, after a break up, would think that she gave too much of herself for that relationship (and feel stupid for that) and would be desperate to resolve things quickly and get back to her own projects. Then again, her role could be just that of the bitter ex that’s too busy trolling Cyclops to have any projects of her own…

    But hey, it’s Bendis. I liked his Emma in House of M and the Sentry thing (can’t remember if he wrote her anywhere else).
    And this is definetly a change on the status quo: big risk, great potential, it really isn’t a change if you don’t have both ;)

  • Megan

    Bah… I used to like them together… Like in the end, they were a very good couple, Emma makes a wonderful mom… Scott’s in the losing side… =/

    Stupid thing with Namor… =/

  • stanzo

    Personally, I’m hoping this is temporary, In ways they have avery hard time maintaining a relationship, but through it all I know deep down that they do LOVE each other.So I’m going to pray that this break-up will just be way of giving them some personal space, and I hope one day they will realize that one cannot live without the other.

  • Scott4ever

    If he can’t be with Emma, make Carol Danvers and Scott Summers the new it couple! Please, I hate to see Scott just be paired off and settling with some plain or ugly other girl. Emma and Scott should be together forever, stop making their love so dramatic and complicated, just let them be happy together. omg if scott is unhappy and single or just paired up with some uglier girl I am boycotting the comics. I’ve already boycotted all the X-men movies after the Last Stand and I have not read a page of Avengers because its like Marvel is selling out to Bryan Singer and hating on the ORIGINAL character Cyclops who is the only reason I started obsessing over the X-Men. Put him with Dazzler then or Pixie or something in some hot accidental romance!! Please! OR even Kitty! Maybe that would make Emma FURIOUS!.

  • Marta Lupescu

    I’m the only one who hates this couple? I tkink Emma is too good for Scott.

    • Brandon Smith

      Some writers choose to write them as actually being in love, but the way I choose to interpret their relationships is that Emma really does love scott and he’s the only person she really ever has loved. But Scott I don’t think actually loves Emma and never has. I think she’s always just been sexy and convenient. He likes the way she will back him up an not challenge him the way Jean Grey did because Jean never “needed” Scott.