Some whereabouts to Emma Frost post AvX

Emma Frost may be locked in prison, but she’s not going anywhere, according to Axel Alonso in a CBR interview — meaning she’ll still have a big role to play and will most likely be freed from prison!

And one more: “Lastly, a comment. Don’t let Emma Frost be on the run or missing for too long. With the right writer, like Mr. Gillen, she’s wickedly hilarious, and I enjoyed her growth into co-leader of the mutant race. “

Alonso: Emma isn’t going anywhere. She has quite a big role to play in the X-Men side of the Marvel Universe.


Emma Frost appears in the preview for All-New X-Men #1, too!

Emma Frost in All New X-Men #1

Also, in another CBR interview, Peter David had a few words to say about a scene he added in his “Astonishing X-Men” prose novel.

David mentioned a scene in his “Astonishing X-Men” story where Kitty Pryde is agonizing with what he described as “Jewish guilt” over whether to accept Emma Frost’s offer to teach at Xavier’s mutant school. She resolves to annoy Frost by calling at 3 AM to accept the offer, only to have the phone answered on the other end with Frost saying, “I’ve been expecting your call,” much to Kitty’s frustration.

Sorry for the lack of updates. As much as I want to track everything Emma Frost related on the interwebz, school and work have to be my top priorities. Plus, she hasn’t been mentioned much since the Avengers vs X-Men ending. :(


  • Koby

    Actually, it’s all very confusing. We know in New Avengers 30 she was captured and being transported on the way to jail. And in AvX: Consequences 1, she was supposedly in prison. But in AvX 12, it seems she was loose, and there were WANTED posters of her. And when Cyclops asked Wolverine where Emma and Hope were in Consequences 2, Wolverine stormed out before answering, not solving the question.

    • Niklas B

      I don’t think the bit with Wolverine was confusing. He simply got mad at Cyclops trying to change the subject and then left. Consequences #1 made it clear she was in custody.

      As for the difference between the other issues (#11, NA #30 and Consequences #1) and AvX# 12 – two words – different writers and lazy editors. Ok, that’s two times two words, but you get what I mean :)