Phoenix Five Emma Frost cosplayer at Dragon*Con

This costume is pretty impressive and quite a fast turnaround since Emma Frost’s Phoenix Five costume did not debut until June — about two months ago.

Phoenix Five: Emma Frost cosplayer Phoenix Five: Emma Frost costume

The left photo is by Leonard Lee taken for MTV GEEK. The cosplayer’s Tumblr blog is here and you can also check out the costume details.


  • Niklas B

    That’s almost enough to justify AvX. Almost. Great work.

    I wonder how that costume looks like from behind? Well, we never saw that in the comic either.

  • X-23

    Oh, but sadly, we did. It’s a thong, just a string of cloth. We saw it in Emma vs. Thor, while Emma bent down. =( Yep.
    Great cosplay, love it!

  • Jessie Pridemore

    Hi, I’m the Emma Frost in question! Actually in Emma vs Thor, it’s not a thong. I made mine after this shot right here. Thanks for the shout out :3

    • Aimee

      Coolness, great work. And you are welcome for the shout out!

    • Jesus Avila

      Very awesome costume!

  • airdreams

    She nails the look. Love it!

  • Amir Aziz

    Get it girl. Shut down minds.

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