Poll: Which title do you want Emma Frost to be in post-AvX?

Based on November’s X-Men-related solicits (except for the Uncanny X-Men reboot that should be announced later on), which title would you most want Emma Frost to appear as a regular member after Avengers vs X-Men ends and Marvel NOW! begins?

Of course, this poll counts as an opinion and not which title she will most likely appear in!

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Last poll’s results

Don’t forget to check out the past poll results. As for the Avengers Alliance poll, it looks like the majority of voters did not collect Emma Frost over the 4-week time period.

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  • Niklas B

    I voted for All-New X-Men by Bendis/Immonen.

    But I only considered titles we know will exist in Marvel NOW! hence Uncanny X-Men by TBA was disqualified as that’s sadly just wishful thinking at this point.

  • airdreams

    Vote for Uncanny X-Men. Since ANXM is said
    to be very focused on teen jean, I don’t wanna see Emma just playing a minor role in
    it. She deserves her own ongoing!

  • tlauderdale21

    Uncanny X-Men most definitely!