Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Emma Frost gets nerfed…again!

This time the nerfing of Emma Frost’s powers in Marvel: Avengers Alliance is deliberate, while her last update was a fix in response to a glitch that occurred in which her stats were depowered.

Playdom posted the patch notes for 8/27 on their forum. Here’s the description for Emma’s update.

Emma Frost Update

  • Passive “Organic Diamond” no longer procs Diamond Form when another character Protects an attack
  • Organic Diamond no longer defends against psychic attacks. This should help Emma vs. Emma fights.
  • Several changes to Mental Anguish
    • Is removed after any action that is not a Quick Action
      • This means if someone rests, but gets extra turns later, they will not have to rest those extra turns as well
      • This also means that if someone takes damage from the Mental Anguish, they will not take additional damage on extra turns
      • Still cannot be cleared by using a quick buff such as Hawkeye’s Pinpoint Target
    • Now produces Mental Scarring if the target takes damage, making that target immune to Mental Anguish until their next turn
    • Now deals consistent damage against targets with different health
  • Unlock Potential now correctly removes debuffs only when first applied instead of preventing new debuffs from being applied

Bah! Well, it was fun while it lasted!


  • perpetuator

    man it sucks! looking at how they’ve nerfed Emma.. I reckon I wasted my time recruiting her.. :/

  • Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    They are too scared of the power of the White Queen,but at least I have her and I can be proud to say I worked hard for her,being limited and all.Ah well there is always Marvel Heroes Online…..I agree with Aimee.Let’s make a cult and raid other players,and I hope they make her extra costume her hellfire one :D ie the white queen one.

    • Ernie Isordia

      I would love to be a part of this Emma cult on the marvel heroes mmo. We should start a thread or on the forums when the game is released.

  • Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    hey Aimee,i found out the reason why they nerfed her,captain America fanboys were complaining cause Emma was wiping them on the floor with her heels,ironically captain america is overpowered its not even funny yet they nerf Emma…grrr so anyway they are still releasing Emma’s phoenix 5 outfit,hopefully it improves her *fingers crossed* and before spec ops 2 ended they upgraded Mockingbird,so Emma playes speculate that Emma will be upgraded in Spec Ops 3…..considering they nerfed her in the patch that includes gambit and invisible womans outfit,sounds a little like they are desperate for cash.

  • Upset

    LAME. They kept her buffed on purpose so people will want to get her, and then as soon as they work their butt off to get her, they nerf her to hell. Bad form. Not going to bother with the next Special Ops, because no matter how cool that character is, as soon as the event is over they are just going to be crap again.

  • sakis

    please emma frost