Emma Frost’s Marvel XP bio from ‘Marvel: Avengers Alliance’

“Marvel: Avengers Alliance”‘s Marvel XP is a hub that contains dossieres, news and achievements to keep track of game progress in the social game.

After players unlock Emma Frost in the spec ops mission, they have access to her dossiere (written by Professor X). Here are screenshots and the full bio for her profile. Her stats are very powerful, but her biography is slightly different from her comic book counterpart!


Marvel XP: Emma Frost stats

Marvel XP: Emma Frost Dossiere Marvel XP: Emma Frost Dossiere Bio


Emma Frost dossier. Art by Adam HughesGender: Female

Nation of Origin: United Kingdom

Affiliations: Hellfire Club, Hellions

Active Mutations: In addition to being a powerful telepath, Emma has developed a secondary mutation whereby she can transform her skin into an indestructible, diamond-like surface.

Passive Mutations: None

Hereditary Mutations? No.

Recruit Background: After a troubled childhood of privilege, a teenage Emma became one of the female entertainers at the Hellfire Club, an ancient and powerful secret society for the East Coast elite. There she discovered a fellow mutant, Sebastian Shaw, and together they overthrew the Club’s human leaders to transform the society into one entirely controlled by mutants such as themselves. The Hellfire Club has attempted to exert control over the world’s mutant population to further their own selfish (and often criminal) ends, which has frequently brought them into conflict with my X-Men.

Attempt to Recruit Made? Yes, and there seemed to be considerable interest. Emma is not as evil as some the other Hellfire leaders, such as Sebastian Shaw.

But just as I was preparing to accept Emma full-time into the X-Men, she disappeared; S.H.I.E.L.D. has intimated to me she may have fallen back in with her former compatriots in the Hellfire Club, which would be most unfortunate indeed.

Likelihood of Recruitment? High


Charles Xavier


  • Niklas B

    So she’s from the UK, is she? :)

    These stats seem to differ from the ones previously published, where her only high-stat value was in “spirit” IIRC. Or was that some other game?

    • Aimee

      Guess so!

      I think you’re talking about the Marvel Heroes game where her stats were lesser. At any rate, her stats are epic in this game! I’m so happy a game finally recognizes her potential. She’s a powerhouse! I’d imagine she would be though after so much work players need to go through to obtain her.

      • Niklas B

        Yep, I mixed them up. Marvel Heroes is still under development as well it seems.

    • Aimee

      Mental anguish removes a HUGE amount of HP from enemies if they attack after she taps the power (and also directly attacks).
      Unleash Potential raises stats for a character on your team.
      War Diamond removes all enemy buffs and performs a huge physical attack.
      Mental trauma affects all enemies and deals a good amount of damage.

      Her stats really don’t compare to any other character. She is awesome! Best of all she is a tactician!

      • Niklas B

        Better enjoy it while you can then!

        (I’ve seen some threads here and there complaining that she’s overpowered, so maybe the game designers will change it after some time has passed?)

        • Aimee

          I really hope they don’t nerf her powers because it takes A LOT of work or real life money to get her. I had to use a combination of the two, so I think it’s fair her powers are that way. But maybe I’m biased. :)

          • Niklas B

            Hm, I can imagine she will retain her stats for the time being to reward those who did hard work (or payed) to get her.

            But maybe they’ll tone her down later if she becomes a permanent addition to the roster, or too many players get her. Or alternatively, power up the other characters/bosses to compensate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/plagua Patrick Lagua

    Ya…she’s from Boston. SHEESH. Her ‘accent’ is fake just like Madonna’s is fake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.imthawin Ands Imthawin-Viljoen

    Actually her accent is legit,she absorbed a part of this mutant named Astrid,Astrid was English and so Emma gained Astrid’s knowledge and pattern.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.k.campos Joseph K. Campos

    I don’t think it’s so much a British accent as much as a New England accent, kind of like Katherine Hepburn. For example they pronounce the word Rather “Raaather” strecthing, a long aaaaaa sound.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.k.campos Joseph K. Campos

    I don’t understand how they messed up her place of origin? For years they’ve said comes from Massachusetts, “A Boston mercantile family” I guess whoever wrote this hasn’t done their research or maybe they just watched the old Generation X movie and assumed she was British..lol geez I’m showing my age here.