More Emma Frost in ‘Avengers vs X-Men’ questions answered

Matt Fraction recently answered questions about Emma Frost’s role in Avengers vs X-Men #7 when she encouraged Namor to attack Wakanda. Issue #9 sets up even more questions from fans. So, Jason Aaron took the time to answer them in a CBR article.

Marvel also released a one panel preview of what looks like Emma Frost rounding up a bunch of X-Men.

Avengers vs X-Men #10 teaser

And onto the AvX questions…

Regarding the nature of the Phoenix Force:

Here we have a scene in the desert where Emma Frost and Cyclops discuss how the power of the Phoenix is affecting them. From what we’ve seen in past issues and what they talk about here, it sounds like the power of the Phoenix burns away its host’s humanity and the ability to act rationally.

AARON: The Phoenix just seems to prey upon a person’s darker aspects, and Emma certainly has a huge dark side. Here we can see her actively fighting against it and realizing that this is not right and she’s headed in a dangerous direction. She’s asking for help, but Scott is too consumed with what he’s got going on.

Scott feels that he’s still holding the line, doing the right thing. Emma realizes, though, that she’s starting to slip away. Then, of course, on the next page we see her slipping away.

Jason Aaron says he enjoyed writing the scene with Emma Frost.

I also really enjoyed writing the Emma Frost stuff. There was this moment we had when we first started writing “AvX,” where she turns and starts to go out and punish people for crimes they thought they got away with. I was glad to get to write that moment.

It looked pretty apparent that Emma had killed the man who had a hit-and-run with a mutant a couple decades ago, but Aaron says it’s a possibility he’s still alive because she just fried his brained.

Is the murder she commits on the next page an indicator that her humanity is gone, at least for now?

AARON: Yes, but she didn’t necessarily murder the guy. He’s brain-fried, so he might still be alive physically, but mentally he’s done for.

And here is an interesting, controversial opinion about Cyclops and the event.

As you mentioned, Scott is clinging tight to his devotion to duty, but does that mean he’s not struggling with darker impulses like the other Phoenix empowered X-Men?

AARON: I think Scott has been struggling, but I always liked the idea that he’s stayed true on that path. He was the one with the strongest convictions and the biggest vision of where mutants need to go. He was really the one driving all of this when they started remaking the world, and now things have started to fall apart around him. But in my mind, he’s stayed true through all of this.

The Phoenix Force changes you. It changed Jean when she first got it. She wasn’t the same person. Wielding that power makes you takes things for granted, but Scott has stayed true. In his mind, he’s still been doing the right thing. This is not how he wanted things to go, but he feels the Avengers pushed him into this corner and gave him no choice.

So Scott has a very clear idea of how the world should work for mutants. His idea is for a global Utopia, and they’ve brought a lot of that about. They made the world a better place, and things have started to fall apart around him and go too far. He’s hoping he can rein that in and still win the day.

So what is Emma Frost up to now? Issue #10 comes out in 2 weeks!


  • Patrick Lagua

    Sigh, more and more I feel Emma is either going to be killed off or incarcerated after AvX…That panel makes it look like she’s controlling the mutants in Utopia.

    • Aimee

      Don’t worry. I don’t think they’ll kill her off, even though it does feel that the P5 are getting character assassinated (besides Cyclops). Her emotions are going to be enhanced and we’ve already seen her avenging the death of a student. So more than likely she’s just go to do more of the same thing and might try keeping all the young mutants under control to protect them, like she did in Generation X during the Phalanx Convenant I think it was.